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Book spaces, products and professionals with Julius Booking system. Prices from 20 €/month(VAT 0%).

Try demo! You can have admin's username and password from our customer service.
Municipal Booking  Hotel and Cottage Booking
Massage Booking  Hairdresser Booking
Conference Room Booking  Seat Booking
Mobile-Friendy Instant Booking:
Instant - Hotels Instant - Physio/Barber

       In Julius Booking System users can browse booking calendars and make reservations.

         Julius Booking System's characteristics:
        - Booking search
        - Customer contor, customer groups
        - Booking permission control
        - Booking confirmation via sms or e-mail
        - Reports
        - Supplementary bookings
        - Target's names in four different languages
        - Terms of use GDPR
        - Management of reservations
        - Booking applications
        - Picture galleries
        - Weekly information, open times and exception dates
        - Recurring reservation
        - Invoice printing, invoice material to the Excel

         Also available:
        - Web payment
        - Billing system connection
        - Access control connection

Look from the videos how you can make a reservation:

In the map you can see where locate our customers.

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Access Control
In Julius Booking System there is already connection to Tolotech and iLoq access control systems. You can manage the access control system in web or in the Windows enviroment. The system manages the doors which will open automatically at the scheduled time. The customer can open booked space with phone, PIN-code or access key. Julius sends the access codes to the system and to the customer.

You can connect Julius Booking System to many different billing systems, for example to: Pro Economica, KuntAX,
Raindance, Aditron Intime Plus, Rondo8 and Erpy. Read more about Intime: More information about Pro Economica in here:

Web Payment
In Julius it is possible pay reservations with web payments. A variety of prepaid multiple booking cards are available online. We already have available connections to online payment service providers such as the Checkout: and to the Svea Payments:

You can use Julius Booking System in:

  • municipal spaces and buildings
  • meeting and conference rooms
  • golf-simulators
  • bowling alleys
  • camping areas
  • horse stables
  • professionals
  • sport centers
  • market places
  • hairdressers
  • harbours
  • studios
  • hotels
  • cabins
  • spas

Customers feedback:

-The calendar is easy for our customers..
-Really fast and distinct, practical to use!
- Customer Satisfaction Survey   

Approximately 30 % the reservations come from the Julius. "
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